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3 Keys to Hope When You Don’t Know How the Story Ends

When we read a story, we have a distinct advantage over the characters involved: We know how it ends. As the protagonists struggle with various conflicts, we want to cheer them on: “Hang in there—you’re going to be okay.”   Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery when he was about seventeen years old. Later, his… [ read more ]

How to Avoid Making Misperceptions About Others

Have you ever had a wrong perception of someone? I have. A couple of years ago while speaking at an Eastern European woman’s event, I met an elderly woman who seemed aloof. To my fault, I made no effort to get to know her.   Halfway through the weekend, one of the attendees asked me… [ read more ]

How I Know God is Near

Several days ago my husband and I decided to spend an afternoon hiking. We were still recovering from jetlag, and we felt we’d benefit by setting aside ministry and office work for a few hours in lieu of fresh air and exercise. We packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and drove a half hour… [ read more ]

There's Something Different about You

A girlfriend and I were sitting at my kitchen table, talking about recent challenges our families had experienced and how we’d handled them. Conversation paused for a moment, and then she said, “There’s something different about you. What is it?” I felt like a dream had come true. Her question was one I’d always wanted… [ read more ]

Behind the Scenes

My last blog talked about God’s active involvement in our lives. Personally, I find huge encouragement in knowing He’s at work behind the visible scenes and is in control of every detail. My challenge comes in remembering (and appreciating) that truth when life seems topsy-turvy. I wonder if that’s how Joseph felt when he was… [ read more ]

God's Watching (in a Good Way!)

Hi y’all. I just flew in from Edmonton where I spent the last four days for ministry purposes. Had no access to wireless during this time, so I’m now catching up and posting my blog. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here goes for the day’s devotional… I recently read a well-known Christian author’s… [ read more ]

Misperceptions of Other People

Have you ever had a wrong perception of someone? I have. A couple of years ago while speaking at a woman’s event in Eastern Europe, I met an elderly woman who struck me as being aloof. My impression wasn’t favorable, and to my fault, I made no effort to get to know her. Halfway through… [ read more ]

My Heroes

Nearly two years ago, a portion of the sanctuary floor of Central Heights Church in Abbotsford, B.C. (which happens to be the church I attend) collapsed during a Starfield concert. Dozens were injured. Debbie Helsloot, a 41-year-old mother of three, was most seriously hurt. Debbie suffered a broken neck. She spent more than 6 weeks… [ read more ]

The Power of a Little Word

The word but is neither fancy nor flowery. It’s not loaded with visual imagery. Used alone, it neither stimulates the senses nor sends imaginations soaring. Nevertheless, it’s packed with power and ability to change the direction of our lives. Take Joseph for instance. When Pharaoh asked him to interpret his dreams, Joseph replied, “It is… [ read more ]