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The Good News About Doing Battle

  Life being what it is, the list of battles we face seems endless. Here are a few examples:   Financial strain/unemployment Relationship issues Health, weight, food addictions or eating disorders Grief Disappointment over unfulfilled expectations Fear Sorting and setting priorities when so many things demand our time and attention A sense of helplessness when… [ read more ]

A Surrendered Heart: A Key to Growing Deeper Faith

  At the beginning of each year, the Lord gives me a special word on which to focus. One year, for instance, He gave me the word joy. Throughout the next 12 months He taught me what joy meant using Scripture, songs, other peoples’ teachings, and life experiences. This year’s word is deeper.   I… [ read more ]

Are You Facing a Closed Door?

Have you ever faced a closed door? Perhaps you apply for a new position at work. You have all the right credentials and long for a new challenge, but the boss bypasses you and chooses someone else. The door to the new opportunity closes. Maybe you feel led to write a book. You attend writers… [ read more ]

Bustin' Through the Fear Factor

In the past couple of days I’ve spent at least five hours talking with individuals who are wrestling with fear. In this context, it’s mostly about going on short-term missions trips. For some, they’ve carried a desire to go for years but have never taken the first step. For others, this is a new consideration… [ read more ]

Impossible Prayers

For what impossibility are you trusting God? Personally, I’m praying that He’ll supply more men than women volunteers for our summer ministry needs in Eastern Europe. Here’s why: Unbelieving men need to see that Christianity isn’t just a woman-thing. If we take teams comprised mostly of women, the impression given is that practical Christianity isn’t… [ read more ]

One Little Word Says it All

Have you ever thought about the significance of the word all? It has only three letters, but it carries huge significance. For instance, take a look at Joshua 21:43-22:5. The Lord gave to Israel all the land he had sworn to give their ancestors (v. 43). The Lord helped them conquer all their enemies (v…. [ read more ]