Partnering with God for Victory

Partnering with God for Victory - Grace Fox

Do we struggle with the same issues and wonder why we never gain victory over them? Perhaps we’re not doing something we ought.

6Then the LORD said to Joshua, ‘Do not be afraid of them. By this time tomorrow I will hand all of them over to Israel as dead men. Then you must cripple their horses and burn their chariots.’

7So Joshua and all his fighting men traveled to the water near Merom and attacked suddenly. 8And the LORD gave them victory over their enemies.” (Joshua 11:6-8)

Put yourself in Joshua’s sandals. Foreign kings had combined forces to attack Israel, and the result was an army that “covered the landscape like the sand on the seashore.” By human standards, Joshua and the Israelites didn’t stand a chance. They had good reason to fear, but partnering with God changed everything. He did His part, and they did theirs.

The result? Victory.

Time to take action

Sometimes we face enemies, too. Negative voices tell us we don’t stand a chance. Discouragement, despair, and disappointment threaten to take us out. But God says, “Don’t be afraid of them. I’ll give you the victory.” He also gives us wisdom to know what role we play besides trusting Him.

If we face financial challenges, for instance, it’s possible that we ought to look for a different job. Or tithe. Or be more responsible with spending habits.

If we face difficult interpersonal relationships, it’s possible that we’re to seek counseling. Or set healthy boundaries. Or ask that person if we’ve done something to offend him and make amends.

If we wrestle with worry, it’s possible that we need to retrain our brains. Stop focusing on our fears and instead start focusing on the promises of God and the reality of His presence in our lives. Start praising Him for His faithfulness, power, and sovereignty.

Take action and trust God

God is on our side and promises victory for the battles we face. As His children, we’re to trust Him, but we’re also to take action  as He directs. If we’ve been battling with the same enemy for an extended time and wonder why victory isn’t happening, it’s possible we’re not doing something we ought.

Let’s walk in partnership with God. As we partner with Him—trusting Him to help us as we do what we’re supposed to—we’ll experience victory as Joshua did.

Know you are loved,


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