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Wisdom Wednesday

How to overcome the fear of inadequacy. DVD-based Bible study–interact with author.

A Glimpse into My Life as a Writer

I want to give you a glimpse into my life as a writer. Two weeks before leaving for Eastern Europe, I received a phone call from Harvest House Publishers. “Good news,” said Terry Glaspey, one of my favorite people in that company. “We want you to write the devotional you proposed recently.” I managed to… [ read more ]

The Beauty of Meanwhile: A Glimpse of God's Work Behind-the-Scenes

Sometimes life leaves us baffled or bruised. We wonder if God is as wise as He claims to be, and we question why circumstances don’t happen how and when we wish they would. When I feel this way, I take courage from the Scriptures. Recently I read about the prophet Samuel’s boyhood. One word—meanwhile—popped up… [ read more ]

Do It Afraid

This is a post I wrote enroute to Europe on June 30th. It was originally used as a guest blog for another site. Thought I’d post it here for you today. Maybe someone out there needs this encouragement today! I’m writing this at 32,000 feet, somewhere between London and Budapest. My final destination is Resita,… [ read more ]

Travel Adventures

It’s now 1 PM. We’ve been traveling for nearly 5 hours. Our journey began with a one hour bus ride. When that ended, we hailed a taxi. The driver, who spoke no English, communicated that he would charge us 17 Euros. A Polish friend had told us to expect a charge of 20 Euros, so… [ read more ]

A Special Encounter

Saturday morning brought a very special encounter. The evening prior, I’d met a man named Chris who lives and works part time in Slovakia. We chatted for a few minutes and then he said, “I know a lady in this city who read your book, Moving from Fear to Freedom, and found it very helpful.”… [ read more ]

The Fear of Failure

A friend recently gave me a greeting card that read, “Attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed unless God steps in.” I smiled when I read it because it describes the way I’ve chosen to live: I want to attempt God-directed assignments that are ‘way beyond my own capabilities, for in doing so, my… [ read more ]

Highlights from 2010

I’m gettin’ ready to kiss 2010 goodbye. Here are some highlights it held: The birth of our third grandchild, Caleb Matthew. Watching our other grandchildren’s personalities develop and enjoying building relationships with them. Our youngest daughter boomeranged home to attend university. Our son-in-law landed a job that pays more and provides more fulfillment than the… [ read more ]

Facing Fearful Circumstances?

Yesterday’s “FamilyLife Today” radio interview went well, I believe. Incoming emails seem to indicate so, too. The second interview airs today, and I’m doing my day’s tasks while asking God to do astonishing things through it. “Please, God, use Moving From Fear to Freedom to encourage women of all ages. Direct listeners’ and readers’ hearts… [ read more ]