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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Sooner or later we all experience an event in time when life doesn’t make sense. I’ve had a few of those, and I’m sure you can relate. My husband and I made a three-year commitment to live in Nepal back in the 80s so he could work on a hydro-electric power project there. We were… [ read more ]

Our Focus Matters

Our focus matters. Just ask the foot racer who lost the lead when he turned his head to check on the runners behind him. A split-second backward glance cost him first place. If only he’d kept his focus where it needed to be. On a parallel note, we’re participants in this race called life, and… [ read more ]

Why are You Crying?

Jesus asked super-insightful questions and one of my favorites is, “Why are you crying?” Here’s the context. It was the third day after Jesus’ crucifixion. According to , a violent earthquake took place that morning because an angel came from heaven to roll away the stone that covered the entrance to Jesus’ tomb. When Mary… [ read more ]

How to Find Hope in Crisis

People in crisis contact me regularly. Circumstances vary, of course, but the crises fall into categories: illness—their own or a loved one’s, marriage issues, parenting challenges, a breakdown in family relationships, financial fears, losses from a natural disaster, and more. Crisis changes our lives in a nanosecond. It disrupts routine, ruins our appetite, robs us… [ read more ]

Splashes of Beauty Amidst the Mess

On a trip to Kathmandu several years ago, a friend and I encountered splashes of beauty amidst the mess as we walked down a narrow dirt lane in a residential neighborhood. We skirted potholes and dodged piles of broken red bricks. The road was an eyesore, to say the least.   Then we came to… [ read more ]

How to Remain Confident When We Feel Like Giving Up

How can we remain confident when we feel like giving up? By ignoring the little voice that feeds us doom and gloom. You know how it goes…. Worry whispers that inflation is going to make it impossible for us to pay the bills and we’ll soon end up a homeless statistic. Anxiety assures us that… [ read more ]

Choosing Our Perspective in Hard Places

  Life being what it is, we occasionally face tough situations over which we have no control. Every time this happens, we get to choose the perspective we want to hold: we can either focus only on what we see and understand, or we can focus on what we cannot see or understand. The first… [ read more ]

Bad News, Good News, and Hope

I recently read an article in which an author admitted never reading reviews about her books. Her reason? One negative review could send her into a downward spiral, cause her to question her calling as a writer, and make her feel as though she had nothing of value to say. She may have received a… [ read more ]

Jonah and the Pandemic

  What will Christmas look like for you? We had plans to celebrate Christmas this weekend with our son and our youngest daughter and their families, but pandemic restrictions changed everything. We’ve canceled those plans and will be home alone until the restrictions lift.   I suspect that most of you are in the same… [ read more ]

Is There Purpose for Our Pain?

  is a well-known promise for Christ’s followers: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”   When bad stuff happens to us or when life takes an unexpected (and sometimes unwelcome) turn, we recall this… [ read more ]