3 Words That Change Everything

3 Words That Change Everything - Grace Fox

The three words that change everything are – “but the LORD.” Don’t fear or wring your hands in distress. Instead, pray. Pray and expect God to answer.

We might be facing difficult circumstances today, but three words put a hopeful spin on them.

The Israelites experienced the power of these words more than once. On one occasion, they were badly frightened upon learning that the Philistines were approaching to attack them.

Here’s what the Bible (1 Samuel 7:8-10) says about this scenario. Can you find the three words that changed everything for them?

8Don’t stop pleading with the LORD our God to save us from the Philistines!” they begged Samuel. 9So Samuel took a young lamb and offered it to the LORD as a whole burnt offering. He pleaded with the LORD to help Israel, and the LORD answered him.

10Just as Samuel was sacrificing the burnt offering, the Philistines arrived to attack Israel. But the LORD spoke with a mighty voice of thunder from heaven that day, and the Philistines were thrown into such confusion that the Israelites defeated them

But the LORD

The three words that change everything are – “but the LORD.” The Israelites were convinced that destruction was imminent, but God had other plans, and He moved those plans into action when Samuel prayed.

This week we’ve seen a “but the LORD” situation in Fort McMurray. The wildfire beast could have wiped out the city and killed countless people but the LORD moved in response to prayer.

The fire itself killed no one (sadly, a couple of people died in traffic related accidents during the evacuation), and the winds are now pushing the flames away from the city. News reports today say that 80 per cent of the city still stands. The hospital and schools were untouched. Praise God!

Are you facing a situation that looks downright scary? Don’t fear or wring your hands in distress. Instead, pray. Get others to pray with you. Pray and expect God to answer. Expect to see Him do a “but the LORD” on your behalf.

How about you?

Do you have a “but the LORD” story?

Post it here, please. Share it with us; it will encourage many to trust God for a “but the LORD” encounter.

Know you are loved,


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There you’ll find exclusive content alongside hope, courage, and transformation through God’s word. All with a dash of adventure!

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  1. Yes, Grace, that’s wonderful how the Lord is working in behalf of Fort McMurray. I have indeed had what I call a scary time, but also a very very sorrowful heart time. It involved the Saturday before Mothers Day. I took my family shopping, as I’m the only one who can drive now, and just as we got there…….to the parking lot………this horrid, aggressive, horrible fighting started……..I had to shake my head to clear my senses, because I couldn’t believe I was hearing right. It mostly involved my son and my husband, but they did include my beloved grand-daughter, who lives with us. I shouted at first for them to stop and then began talking. My counselling heart came into action(the great defender and guardian of my soul) and the arguing subsided. We continued into the store, through the first doors, and into the part where the greeter stands, when to my star-blasted astonishment, I see my own husband(whom I love?) ramming his walker into my son!!!???? I am not sure what’s happening, as this is so totally off the wall unusual for our family. I cannot explain it. It dumbfounded me, as I didn’t want to believe that my husband (whom I’ve cared for in the last six years—- making sure he had all his vitamins, got his rest, things to read, outings, prayer, good food, etc., etc., I didn’t want to believe that he was doing this. I grabbed his walker and steered him towards me and we all went in (to shop). [did I want to shop at this point?] No!!!! But I guided them. My sorrowful heart held on for several days……….I asked them not to buy me gifts until they first gave devotion to the Lord, and until they showed some form of caring heart and truthfulness and honesty in their living for God, and some loyalty and kindness in our family…….to oneanother. I sought the Lord, and he heard me. I searched the scriptures. I went away alone(to the end of the house) I cried. I could not see why this would happen. But I sought the Lord’s answer for this: and he showed me the word Covenant. I looked it up, as written about by Andrew Murray, it is an absolute, all sold-out, given over committment to God………he says: “A Walk into Death”.
    Soon a wonderful Christian sister was at my door to help me and that night, the Lord kept showing me Grace’s ministry in Nepal and how she gives to us, and these words came to me: “Trust God, and Do Good”. He gave me Isaiah 40:29—–also…….Even the young may faint……..but “those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength……………….well, do you know that I felt weak and as though I was falling, til I read that and began to say it over and over……..and today, I was so happy and full of new strength, and it was easy to walk again……………..I went around doing good, and encouraging everyone everywhere, and I (we) were invited to a wedding. Everything looked like Springtime. We donated to help Fort Mc. and someone brought over some muffins. But I called to the Lord, and he answered me………………..trust God and do Good.

  2. I had felt that I was slowly sinking, drifting away somewhere……..in other words…………..I wasn’t looking to the Lord…………but when I did, I called to him, and he heard my prayer……….and he rescued me; just in time, as he always does. He is faithful. It is so easy to look at your problem.

  3. Marge, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened last weekend. Broken family relationships bring indescribable pain. But I’m thankful to hear how you responded, my friend. Jesus is doing a wonderful work in your life. Don’t let anything derail it. You are loved.

  4. Thank-you, Grace. I’m going to read Psalm 107.

    My husband is showing real signs of repentance. Our son, not so yet; he is extremely stubborn in heart with certain things. God is more powerful, though, and will have his way with them.

  5. I read Psalm 107………..it does sound a good deal like my circumstance at the time. It does show that now matter how bad things look (and are), when we call out to the Lord………..He WILL answer; He’s always there just in time. Always.

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