Certainty in the Face of Uncertainty

Certainty in the Face of Uncertainty - Grace Fox

I have no idea why God has allowed this to happen, but this one thing I know–He hears me when I cry for help and He will answer.

On Friday I shared a few thoughts about how life is uncertain but this one thing we know—that the Lord is always with us. Because He is right beside us, we will not be shaken. (Psalm 16:8)

This weekend I discovered another fact of which we can be certain! It came to me yesterday morning, at yet another desperate moment.

I can’t believe this is happening

My church elders had offered to pray for my healing and asked me to come to church at 9:15 yesterday morning so they could do so. Gene and I were in the process of leaving the house when I stood up from my wheelchair to get onto my crutches.

Suddenly I felt a “pop” in the back of my “good” knee and then it buckled. Thankfully Gene was standing right there. He grabbed me and was able to lower me to the floor or I would have crash-landed.

Gene phoned the elders to say I wouldn’t be able to come, so the four men immediately headed to our home. In the meantime, back in my wheelchair and stunned by increased pain and a further decrease in mobility, I opened my Bible and these are the verses that popped off the page:

Hanging onto hope

5My steps have stayed on your path;
I have not wavered from following you.

6I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.
Bend down and listen as I pray.
7Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.
By your mighty power you rescue those who seek refuge from their enemies.
8Guard me as you would guard your own eyes.
Hide me in the shadow of your wings” (Psalm 17:5-8).

Last week I lost my mobility for a guaranteed three months. Now I’m unable to transfer or at least stand on one foot to reach things from my cupboard, etc. as I was able to do last week. I’m more dependent on my husband, who cannot be here for me every minute of every day.

I have no idea why God has allowed this to happen, but this one thing I know—He hears me when I cry for help and He will answer. My prayer is for healing, as was the elders’ prayer yesterday. But ultimately it’s for God to receive glory through my circumstances. How He plans to answer, I don’t know. But I can trust Him, His wisdom, and His sovereignty in the face of many uncertainties.

How about you?

What are you facing today?

Write out Psalm 17:5-8 on a little card and post it where you’ll see it often.

May it encourage you, and may it provide constant reminder that your prayers are not in vain. Know this—God hears and will answer.

Know you are loved,


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