Why Should We Ponder the Deeds of the Lord?

Why Should We Ponder the Deeds of the Lord? - Grace Fox

Pondering the deeds of the Lord leaves me in awe of who He is. It also leaves me encouraged, and my soul finds courage, rest, and peace.

A recent TV program showed an interview with an astronaut aboard the international satellite space station. The conversation focused on the breathtaking sunrises he enjoys.

The miracle and majesty of Earth and its place in outer space, not to mention the mystery of the planets and galaxies among which it whirls, ought to leave us speechless.

I wonder what astronauts think when they view space from their heavenly perspective. Do their thoughts direct them towards the Creator? Do they realize that nothing so grand and mind-boggling could happen without Divine Intelligence?

On the highway near my house stands a sign that pictures a newborn baby. The words beside it say, “Here’s proof that God exists.” Each time I pass that sign, I think of my grandchildren and the miracles they are.

From their teeny tiny fingernails to their wee eyebrows and eyelashes—everything about their oh-so-soft bodies points me to the Creator who wove them in their mother’s womb.

Deeds of the Lord

“How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! All who delight in him should ponder them. Everything he does reveals his glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails,” says Psalm 111:2-3 (NLT).

Pondering the deeds of the Lord leaves me standing in awe of who He is. It also leaves me encouraged.

Imagine—the God who hung the stars in space and designed the earth to spin on its axis so humanity could thrive is the One who lives in us and empowers us to live life victoriously. The God who designed the intricacies of the human body knows us through and through and loves us still. I ponder the deeds of the Lord, and my soul finds courage, rest, and peace in knowing we’re in good hands.

How about you?

On what deeds of the Lord do you ponder?

How does doing so impact you?

Know you are loved,


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  1. Creation itself proves the Glory of the Lord, and his faithfulness…..at every sunrise and sunset, and his provision upon the land and in our hearts; all through the Bible, the stories tell of his always coming to the aid of mankind with his Saving Grace, and never leaving us or forsaking us; a very present help in time of need. His promises are true.
    I know when I pray, when there’s no where else to turn, I always see results of my going to Him for the help I need. No, it’s not always the way we might think He would answer,but he always does answer and it’s always the right answer. One day it seemed everything went wrong, and I was feeling I could do nothing good or right………finally, I ran down the hallway and into my room and knelt at my bedside. I looked out the window, and even before any words blurted out of my mouth, there was the moon softly shining, and gently speaking: I’m here; I’m still here; it’s going to be okay; I’m here for you. I love you, my child. The tears I shed then, and the sigh I breathed…..just knowing God is there…..brought immediate relief, and much healing…………..and assurance. He is.

    1. I’ve had a few experiences like the one you described, too. One night in particular I was wide awake and struggling with discouragement. He prompted me to go to my bedroom window and look outside. We lived along a shoreline then, and the water was rippling softly on the rocks. The moon’s reflection shimmered in the gentle wake. The serenity of the moment nearly took my breath away. And then I heard Him say, “Rest. I’m in control. Nothing can thwart My purposes.” Life-changing!

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