Here’s One Thing of Which We Can Be Certain

Here's One Thing of Which We Can Be Certain - Grace Fox

Life is full of uncertainties, but this we know–the Lord is always with us. No matter what life brings, He is right beside us. 

Being wheelchair-ridden and crutch-bound for the next three months will no doubt provide much fodder for my writing and speaking. That’s one of the upsides to doing what I do—most every experience offers a life lesson to share with others.

Life carries multiple uncertainties

Last Friday morning I woke with every intention to complete my new devotional manuscript by this weekend. Instead, I spent the last six days trying to figure out how to do life on crutches and in a wheelchair after partially rupturing my left Achilles tendon.

This is only one example. We could put our heads together and make a mile-long list of examples that prove life is uncertain:

  • We marry and assume we’ll have a family, but infertility proves to be a problem.
  • We conceive and assume we’ll bear a beautiful, healthy child. But the baby’s born with serious medical issues that will last a lifetime.
  • We raise our kids with biblical standards and pray for them everyday, but they get into their teenage years and make poor choices. Their lives don’t turn out the way we’d imagined.
  • We work hard and put money into savings, but the economy tanks and we lose a huge portion of it.
  • We make wonderful plans for our retirement. The time finally comes for us to realize those plans, but our spouse passes away unexpectedly.

The list could reach to infinity and beyond, and the reality of life’s uncertainties could get downright scary and depressing. That’s not my intent through writing this post!

The one absolute certainty

My intent is to bring hope and confidence in light of life’s uncertainties. Here’s the Scripture that’s encouraged me today:

“I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me” (Psalm 16:8).

We might not know whether we’ll survive the day. We might not know whether the economy will work in our favor or lead to our financial ruin. We might not know whether friends and family will stand beside us or turn against us someday. Life is full of uncertainties, but this we do know – the Lord is always with us. No matter what life brings, we can stand strong and unshaken because He is right beside us.

How about you?

How does this promise apply to you today?

Know you are loved,


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  1. Hi Grace,
    Are those “steps” behind you in the picture? They say “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Well there’s something about standing on crutches with a staircase behind you that really speaks about placing our faith and trust in Him.

    He will carry us through every trial if we place our faith and trust in Him because, like the passage promises, He is right there with us and beside us.

    Thank you for always taking us to the “upside” of life’s hiccups and upsets by reminding us that we are never alone for Thou Art With Us.

    Hugs, Johnna

    1. Yes, those are stairs–the ones I climb on my backside every evening to reach my bedroom 🙂

      I love the analogy you drew from this picture. I’ll think of it each evening, applying this Scripture to it and therein finding the strength to climb.

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