God Cares About Details–Even House Paint

God Cares About Details--Even House Paint - Grace Fox

Psalm 37:23 runs through my mind: “The steps of the godly are directed by the LORD. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Every detail. Even house paint.

And so our house saga continues…

Two weeks ago, while attending an open house for a missionary on home assignment, we met a retired pastor. Turns out we have a lot in common: He and I worked on staff at the same Bible college for a few months in the early 80s. (Our paths never crossed because we worked in different departments.)

We also worked at the same Christian camp although his time there ended 20 years before we joined staff. So, my husband sat next to this man at the open house, and they struck up a conversation. “How do you spend your time now that you’re retired?” my husband asked.

“I paint houses,” said the man.

Answered prayer

My husband smiled. You see, the house into which we’re moving is lovely, but it needs a facelift, a freshening on walls, baseboards, and door frames—nothing that a coat of paint can’t fix. But neither Gene nor I get excited at the thought of painting a house. Nor do we have time to do it ourselves. Neither do we have the money to pay a professional. We’d asked the Lord to help us know what to do, and He answered.

Gene told this retired pastor about our situation. He told Gene his hourly rate, and then he said we could help him and thus cut back on his billable hours. The only question, then, was whether or not he’d be available on short notice. Everything depended on when we’d find renters for our townhouse and when they’d want to move in.

Last Wednesday, Gene phoned him immediately after learning that renters had signed the contract with our property manager. “Can you come on Monday?” Gene asked.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll bring brushes, rollers, drop cloths—everything needed to get the job done.”

And so, today’s the day. We arrived at the house at 6:30 AM to find him already waiting in the driveway, supplies in hand. As I write this, he’s prepping the walls for me and Gene to follow behind with the rollers. Then come the baseboards. We’ll turn on the praise music and fill the house with song as we work.

Psalm 37:23 runs through my mind:

“The steps of the godly are directed by the LORD. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

Every detail. Even house paint.

How about you?

For what detail are you trusting the Lord today?

Tell me, and I’ll pray for you.

Know you are loved,


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  1. This is remarkable!!! How inspiring! God is faithful!!!! All the time!!!!!

    You know, we can rely on God’s Word. Wow. That is a wonderful story.

    I know that God is going to come through for us, too. And we have a great part in it, of course. His timing is perfect. We have had so many situations going on and have never put this place in proper order, since we moved in ten years ago. Life just happens, and I really don’t know how to get everything in order. I do appreciate your prayers. We need our basement cleared up and everything put in its proper place. I do believe we need help, though, from someone who knows how to organize. In every other house we’ve had, we never had this problem. But then, we never had the situations arise which took us to this point, either. We do need everything in order, and then, after that, we’re looking at getting the right home for us now. I do appreciate your prayers. Thank-you!!!!!! I love the beautiful way you post the Scripture.

  2. In a few hours we have an appointment with an allergy specialist for our 3yr old’s sudden development of difficult multiple allergies…We’ve been praying and praying for healing but so far the Lord is leading us on a path of seeing more doctors, using more medication…we need wisdom, we need divine intervention…and we need faith for the journey. God is the God of details indeed, and I wish to see Him at work in our lives…

  3. Yes, we’ll be praying for the little child, too, and the family. Yes, Grace, thank-you. Even this morning, we got more work done than in the past five years. I wondered what on earth was going on, for we just took these boxes, (as you have suggested), and just like that a huge space was being made clear in no time at all………………..the rest will be fairly easy now. I believe that just knowing you were praying and thinking of us, we went to work on it and never looked back. Hallaluyah, what a God……and his people working together……..VICTORY!!!!!! Peace to that family with the little 3 year old child…………….thanks Grace!

    1. Wahoo!! That’s wonderful, Marge. I’m so glad for you. You’ve taken the first steps, and those can sometimes be the most difficult. You’ll feel so good when you simplify and organize.

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