How to Make Your Enemies Retreat

How to Make Your Enemies Retreat - Grace Fox

We face an enemy who seeks to destroy us, but we can force him to retreat in defeat. We won’t do battle alone; God fights for us and with us.

My friend Kathi Macias and her husband Al spent three days with us this week. We toured the city of Victoria (BC) on Wednesday. Our first stop was Fort Rodd Hill.

This tourist attraction once played a significant role in protecting the city’s harbor from attack (1878-1956). The fort’s wall and artillery bunkers still stand. So does a structure that held a massive spotlight. The light’s purpose was to illuminate approaching enemy ships, enabling Canadian soldiers in the fort to more easily see and destroy them with cannons.

I wonder how the enemy sailors felt when that bright light suddenly appeared, revealing their presence and foiling their sneak approach. No doubt the threat of counter-attack drove some to retreat.

The scene reminded me of the war we wage today

Our enemy seeks to destroy us, but we’re equipped to do battle and win. We can drive him to retreat.

How so? By calling on God to help us.

Sometimes the enemy’s presence and power seem formidable. They may threaten to paralyze us with fear or sink us into discouragement.

But let’s remember that God is on our side. He’s given us promises to bring encouragement and right perspective, and He’s given us His Holy Spirit to empower us. We don’t do battle alone; He fights for us and with us.

The psalmist wrote in Psalm 56:9:

My enemies will retreat when I call to you for help. This I know: God is on my side!

How about you?

What enemy threatens you today? Fear not.

Remember the psalmist’s words, and find strength and courage in them. You are a victor because God is on your side. Stand firm in His promises. Remember that His presence fills you. Call on Him for help, and that enemy will retreat.

Know you are loved,


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