Listening for God’s Voice During Difficult Times

Listening for God’s Voice During Difficult Times - Grace Fox

God knows what you need to hear and when, so commit to keeping your ears open. Ask Him, “What do You want to say to me today?” then wait in quiet expectation.

Who could have imagined you and I would experience a worldwide pandemic? It’s truly a unique season. Besides the many challenges it presents, it also brings us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That is—a chance to stop, look, and listen.

We’ve stopped our breakneck pace. Being confined at home has given us time to catch our breath. We’ve had a chance to complete tasks long overdue, play table games, do puzzles, write letters, pick up hobbies we once enjoyed, or take online courses.

Hitting pause has given us time to look at our lives. What’s going well? Where have we placed too much emphasis? What priorities might we need to rearrange?

Slowing down has also provided time to listen. Most ministry leaders say God is trying to tell us something in these days. I believe that’s true both for us as individuals and for believers corporately.

What might God be saying?

Personally, as I’ve listened for God’s voice, I’ve heard Him say to use this time wisely and to focus on building His kingdom. Specifically:

  • Write a couple of book proposals that have been percolating in me.
  • Start doing daily devotional videos called “Devotions From the Dock.”
  • Grow in my technology skills to reach a wider audience with the Word.
  • Be available to help my marina neighbors with practical needs.

I’ve also heard Him say over and over, “Trust Me and do not be afraid.” Peace has settled in my heart and mind as I’ve listened to His reassurance.

Perhaps some of you have heard God’s voice during the past several weeks, too. Or perhaps you may be wondering how to hear God’s voice. I’ve found that He communicates in a variety of ways.

How does God speak to us?

God speaks to us through Scripture. He whispers to us through His Holy Spirit who lives in us.  He speaks to us through song lyrics, through the beauty of His creation, and through others who love Him. No matter what He says or by which method, it will always align with His truth.

Hearing God’s voice is not complicated. Nor is it reserved for only a select few of His followers.

John 10:27 says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

The first half of the verse implies two things: God speaks to us, and we can hear Him. It’s something we should anticipate not consider a spiritual mystery.

The second half teaches that, when God speaks to us in the way in which we best hear Him, we will respond appropriately. We won’t stick our fingers in our ears to drown out His voice. We’ll listen and obey.

Let’s make the most of this unexpected pause.

Let’s use our time to look at our lives, celebrate the good, and commit to changing or improving the not-so-good. Let’s invite the Lord to speak to us and then expect Him to do so. He might say something like this:

  • Reach out to your neighbor with a word of encouragement.
  • Repent of something that’s hindering your relationship with Me.
  • Forgive someone who hurt you.
  • Embrace this opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby.
  • Start a gratitude journal.
  • Praise Me even in the midst of this pandemic.
  • Do not worry about your future because I’ve got your back.

God knows exactly what you need to hear and when, so commit to keeping your ears wide open for His voice. Use this season to spend a few minutes each day in His presence with no agenda other than to listen. Ask Him, “What do You want to say to me today?” and then wait in quiet expectation.

How about you?

If you’ve heard God speak to you during this pandemic, consider posting what He said. This will be an encouragement to all who read it, I’m sure. It will be a good reminder for all of us that He is actively involved in His followers’ lives.

By the way, I’ve started posting brief devotional videos on my YouTube channel. Pop over there and subscribe if you wish.

Know you are loved,


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