Making Time to be Still in This Busy Season

Making Time to be Still in This Busy Season - Grace Fox

In this crazy busy season, we sing about silent nights and calm. The irony is that we feel anything but calm and finding silence is nearly impossible.

In this crazy busy season we sing about silent nights when all is calm. The irony is that we feel anything but calm, and finding silence is nearly impossible. But it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and ultimately for others.

Last year someone gave me a wall hanging that says “Don’t Tangle Your Tinsel.” Earlier this week I placed it by my front door.

As I come and go, the words help me keep Christmas in the proper perspective. They remind me to make this season a time of pure, unadulterated celebration. To not let the noise and commercialism distract me from its real meaning. To keep my focus on Jesus.

Keeping my focus on Jesus in this busy season

How is that possible? By making time to be still.

A few days ago I attended a special event in my community—a silent walk-through at a Christian retreat centre. The overall theme was “Immanuel—God With Us.” Six decorated rooms reflected that theme.

The first room was designated as “God With Us in the Holy of Holies.” Soft fabrics draped from the ceiling and along the walls. Cushions had been placed on the floor before an altar of sorts—a low table on which candles flickered. Nary a Christmas carol played.

Complete and utter silence filled that space. Peace enveloped me as I pondered the presence and power of God. The unrushed quiet nourished my soul.

How easy it is to rush through Christmas focused on traditions and activities—all fun, all good, but all able to distract us from Jesus. How vital it is for us to make time for Him—to sit in silence, even if only for a few minutes a day, and reflect on the miracle of God coming to earth in human form to be with us.

The result of doing so?

Hope. Peace. Renewed courage.

This busy season, I will be intentional about making time for stillness. Later today, I’ll take a walk for the purpose of meditating on Jesus and listening for His voice.

Most mornings, even when our kids and their spouses are here for the holidays, I’ll rise early with the same intent. When my schedule doesn’t allow that luxury, I’ll spend a few minutes in quiet at the day’s end.

Action Step

For your sake, I encourage you to do the same. Enjoy the festivities but be intentional about being still for a few minutes each day. Focus on the miracle of Immanuel—God with us—and this will be your best Christmas ever.

Know you are loved,


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