Wedding Countdown: Wedding Dress Alterations

Wedding Countdown: Wedding Dress Alterations - Grace Fox

God’s goodness in supply a wedding dress alteration specialist exactly when we needed one.

Ordering a wedding dress in the correct size wasn’t an option with a five-week engagement. My daughter’s choices, then, were limited to finding a dress on the rack and then having alterations done as needed.

We shopped at several stores before Kim made her selection. Trouble was, it definitely needed alterations—several sizes’ worth—and the store’s seamstress was fully booked until August 14. She wasn’t working on the day we purchased the dress, so the salesclerk wouldn’t commit to her availability to do Kim’s gown even after that date.

”You’d best find someone else to make the alterations,” she said. “Then you can bring the dress back here for steaming.”

We left the store that morning, wondering how in the world we’d find a qualified seamstress to do the job. Again, I whispered a prayer for God to provide.

Answered prayer within an hour

The groom’s mom and I spent the next hour at a party supply rental store. When we’d finished pricing the items we’d need, we left the store and headed for our cars. At that exact moment, one of my girlfriends drove into the parking lot. She was returning an item she’d rented for an event the day prior.

“Hey, how’s the wedding planning going?” she asked.

“Amazingly well,” I said. “But as of this morning we need to find a seamstress qualified to alter wedding gowns.”

“I know someone,” she said. She immediately gave me a name and phone number. I grabbed my cell, punched in the numbers, and handed her the phone. “Talk to her, please,” I said.

My girlfriend explained our need for quick alterations to the woman on the other end of the phone. Then she asked a few questions on the seamstress’ behalf. “Does the dress have lace?” she asked.

“No lace,” I replied. “What else does she need to know?” I opened my car door to show her the huge pink bag hanging there. My friend climbed into the back seat, unzipped the bag, and proceeded to describe the dress detail by detail to the seamstress. Moments later she said goodbye and handed me the phone. “Done,” she said. “Call her later today to arrange a fitting.”

The seamstress was an angel

That was three weeks ago. Kim and I picked up the altered gown yesterday. Tonight I’ll pick it up from the store where it’s being steamed today. The gal did a masterful job. I told her that I’d recommend her—her name is Joan Naples. Contact me privately for her phone number if you need her expert services.

Want to see Kim wearing her beautiful dress? See my post about about the big day!

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There you’ll find exclusive content alongside hope, courage, and transformation through God’s word. All with a dash of adventure!

Visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube

There you’ll find exclusive content alongside hope, courage, and transformation through God’s word. All with a dash of adventure!

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  1. Grace, I’m so enjoying this blog. Our daughter and son-in-law left us 6 weeks to plan and arrange their wedding 5 years ago. Our son-in-law thought two weeks was all we needed! I’m reliving the experience reading how God is answering all your prayers. It was really neat how God arranged all the details for us too and we really felt no stress about it all. Of course, the fact that our kids wanted a small wedding of about 75 guests helped a lot.

    Blessings to you all on the special day this Saturday.


    1. I can relate to the no-stress feeling. This wedding has about 140 guests, so there’s a lot to it, but all is well. I just finished baking 4 dozen gluten-free chocolate cookies as part of the refreshments being served between the ceremony and reception. As I was doing this, I kept wondering if there’s something major that I’m forgetting. How can everything feel so okay right now with such a big event coming up so quickly? Only God…

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