God Still Speaks to Us Today  

God Still Speaks to Us Today - Grace Fox

Our role in our relationship with Him is to tune our ear to listen so we can hear it above the din of so many other voices calling for our attention.

Several days ago, I was immersed in writing when I heard a little whisper. “Do your laundry now,” it said.

“What? But I’m in the middle of doing work that has to be finished today,” I said.

The whisper persisted. “Do your laundry now.”

I’ve enjoyed relationship with God long enough to recognize His voice when He speaks. I also know that arguing with Him is not a wise thing to do.

“Okay,” I said. I left my computer and stuffed our towels into the dirty laundry bag. “If this is you speaking, God, then I suspect You have an assignment for me there,” I said as I stepped off my boat-home and began walking down the dock toward the marina laundromat.

Just do what He says

I secretly hoped that the whisper was going to work for my advantage and I’d arrive to find all three washers and dryers empty and waiting for me. But that was not the case. The dryers were in use. The washers were also full, but their loads were finished.

Most marina residents are okay with their wet laundry being set atop the machines if another resident needs the washers before they come to remove their completed loads, so I did that. Then I returned to my boat-home for the duration of the wash cycle, wondering why the urgency.

The mystery was solved when I returned to move my laundry into the dryers. Turns out that the laundry I’d set atop the washers belonged to one of my closest neighbors. She’d been delayed because she’d dropped her only car key into the river when stepping from the dock onto her boat and was trying to figure out how to either retrieve or replace it. She was distraught, and understandably so.

A prayer that Gene and I pray frequently is this:

“God, make us available when our neighbors need help and give us creative ways to lend a hand.”

We stand in awe at the ways He answers that prayer, and this was no exception. That day, He made me available to help my neighbor get her laundry dried, folded, and returned to her boat. This alleviated her stress as she dealt with a far more urgent matter, and I was glad to be there for her.

Does God speak to us today?

Absolutely. Here are several principles I’ve seen prove consistent:

God’s voice speaks truth

It will never tell us to do something contrary to His Word. If the whisper we hear does not align with truth as revealed in Scripture, then we need to ignore it. (John 14:6, James 1:13)

God’s voice affirms

It instructs us in the way we should live so we can flourish. It speaks life and hope and peace. It convicts when we do wrong, yes, but it never shames. (Psalm 32:8)

God’s voice brings clarity

It never tells us to do something that’s confusing or chaotic. Rather, it sheds light and wisdom on our path. (1 Corinthians 14:33, James 1:5)

God still speaks to us today, and He does so using whatever method He chooses. Often He uses little whispers or gentle nudges to tell us what He wants us to know or do.

Our role in our relationship with Him is to tune our ear to listen so we can hear it above the din of so many other voices calling for our attention. Then we’re to respond affirmatively. The more we listen and obey, the more He’ll speak and the more readily we’ll recognize His voice when He does. (Romans 8:14-16, John 10:27)

How about you?

How does God speak to you today? What has He spoken to you recently?

Know you are loved,


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  1. What a wonderful story, Grace. It reminds us of the need to listen to God in ways both large and small. While it may seem minor to us, it may well be major to someone else as with your neighbor.

  2. Hi Maggie. Yes, listening to God’s whispers is vital. He’s at work at all times and in all places, and we don’t want to miss His invitation to get involved with what He’s doing 🙂

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