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Giving Thanks for Daily Blessings

A thought popped into my head a year ago today: Offer a 365-day gratitude challenge on my Facebook page. It seemed like a great idea at the time, so I set to work posting (nearly) daily comments concerning things for which I’m thankful. This exercise has been good for me, and I hope those who… [ read more ]

Why We Ought to Grow a Lifestyle of Gratitude

I’ve spent the past three days researching and writing on the topic of gratitude. I love, love, love the insights learned, and now I’m accountable to apply them to my life. A blog’s too short to write about everything I’ve discovered, but I can elaborate a bit on one point. It revolves around the story… [ read more ]

Why Every Day Brings Reason to Celebrate

Yesterday marked my birthday. Oodles of friends sent well wishes. One of them said, “I pray that your day will be filled with lots of little God-gifts.” God answered her prayer with a yes. Here are 10 gifts He sent me:   Health. He gave me the ability to get out of bed on my… [ read more ]

Express Gratitude

How easy it is to overlook an act of kindness shown. Let’s do otherwise and express gratitude.

Practicing Thanksgiving

Expressing thankfulness—what a great exercise! It makes the heart healthy and puts a smile on our faces. It even lifts a weight from our shoulders. Why, then, do we often neglect to do it? I think of the 10 lepers who cried to Jesus for physical healing (Luke 17:11-19). He granted their request. What happened?… [ read more ]

Replacing God

It’s easy for me to judge the Israelites as slow learners when I read about their Old Testament adventures, or should I say, misadventures.  For instance, take the time when they made a golden idol and then worshiped it while waiting for Moses to return from his mountaintop meeting with God. Psalm 106:19-21 says, “The… [ read more ]