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Knowing God’s Will for Our Life

I often hear people ask, “What is God’s will for my life?” Asking that question hoping to discover details such as where we should live, what career we should pursue, and who we should marry, can put us through a lot of stress. Focusing too long and hard on it can result in fear—before long,… [ read more ]

Need Wisdom or Direction? Here’s a Prayer For You

Every day—many times a day—I’m faced with decisions. Some are relatively minor, but others can literally change the direction of my life. I’ll bet you can relate. Here are some typical examples of decisions you and I face on a regular basis.   We’re happy with our life as it is, thank you. But then… [ read more ]

Trusting God When He Leads on an Illogical Path

  Sometimes God’s ways baffle me. Why does He drop detours in my path when I’m trying to travel from Point A to Point B? Doesn’t He know that changing my direction messes up my plans? Doesn’t He know that His path sometimes requires more time than I’d prefer to spend on a particular journey?… [ read more ]

How to Avoid Stress When Facing Uncertainty

The majority of us face uncertainty occasionally, and it’s an uncomfortable place to be. Ask me how I know. For the past few months, I’ve sensed God doing something new in my life. A significant clue is that my spring 2015 speaking itinerary is blank for the first time in many years.   Part of… [ read more ]

A Promise for Guidance and Wisdom

Over the past six years, I’ve faced several major disappointments and frustrations in my writing and speaking career. I didn’t seek this path in the first place, so it was okay with me if God changed my direction. I just wanted to know His mind so I could invest my time, talents, and energies where… [ read more ]

Encouragement for When You Face a Closed Door

Have you ever faced a closed door? Perhaps you apply for a new position at work. You have all the right credentials and long for a new challenge, but the boss bypasses you and chooses someone else. The door to the new opportunity closes. Maybe you feel led to write a book. You attend writers… [ read more ]

The Key to Living Well

Psalm 119 is one of my all-time favorites because it’s loaded with spiritual truths designed to help us lead abundant lives. Its impact on me started ‘way back in my elementary school days when I attended Pioneer Girls club every Wednesday evening. The club’s key verse was : “Your word is a lamp to guide… [ read more ]

Follow the Leader

About two months ago, changing circumstances pointed toward a shift in my ministry focus. That meant investing big bucks in training, doing homework assignments, and experiencing a straight-up learning curve. Believing this shift was God-directed, I took a leap into the big unknown. I’m not sure where or when I’ll land, but I’m okay with… [ read more ]