Jesus Cares About Details and Dimes

Jesus Cares About Details and Dimes - Grace Fox

One of my daily prayers is, “Jesus, make me aware of Your presence.” His answers never cease to amaze me, and reminds me He is very much involved with my life.

Sometimes, as Christians, we bog down in theology. Not that theology isn’t important—it is. But sometimes we allow the academics of faith to override personal relationship with the One in whom our faith rests. Spiritual disciplines then become dry and routine, and we lose the sense of delight and awe that ought to accompany our walk with Jesus.

One of my daily prayers is,

“Jesus, make me aware of Your presence.”

His answers never cease to amaze me, and they always remind me that He is very much involved with my life. He cares about every detail.

Here’s a recent example:

I’d flown to Houston, Texas and was staying at a friend’s home. In the morning, I washed my hair and then I unpacked my blow dryer to style it. There was only one problem: I’d packed my travel blow dryer—the one I take on overseas trips. This meant the heat setting was for European voltage.

I don’t know why I grabbed this dryer as opposed to the one sitting on my bathroom counter at home when I packed my suitcase, but regardless, the deed was done, and now I faced a problem. How would I change the heat setting to North American voltage?

Praying for a dime

The “fix” is simple if you have the right tools. A dime, for instance, is perfect. It’s the exact width of the slot on the adjustment button. Slip it into place, turn the dial, and presto. Problem solved. But that morning, I couldn’t find a dime in my wallet.

I tried using a credit card, but it bent. I opened the travel-sized scissors I always carry with me, but they didn’t work, either. I tried a nickel—too thick. And so I prayed. “Jesus, I need a dime. Could you please help me find one?”

I searched my wallet again, and lo and behold—I found a lone dime in the compartment where I keep receipts. Why it was there as opposed to the change purse is anyone’s guess.

I like to think Jesus put it there in that moment. Maybe He did, or perhaps it was there all along, and He inspired the idea to look there. Regardless, He answered my prayer—my simple and unspiritual request for a dime so I could change the heat setting on my blow dryer, and for that I am grateful.

Why do we worry?

Scripture teaches that the Lord cares about the birds of the air. It also tells us that we matter to Him far more than the feathered beauties He’s created. He loves us, and he knows our needs. Why, then, do we so easily become anxious? Why do we worry and fret over the little things? (Matthew 6:25-34)

Finding the dime in my wallet that morning served as a delightful reminder that Jesus cares about every detail of our lives. He might not always respond to our requests for help as we wish He would, but then we must trust His wisdom and sovereignty.

A prayer for you

Today, my friend, I’m praying for you. May Jesus make You aware of His presence and involvement in your life in an unexpected way.

Take a moment to leave a comment so others can learn from your experience, okay?

Know you are loved,


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There you’ll find exclusive content alongside hope, courage, and transformation through God’s word. All with a dash of adventure!

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  1. Thanks Grace for the reminder
    Years ago in Victoria when I was struggling with something and getting very annoyed I finally left the Hotel for a walk when I realized I was under attack so quickly prayed felt a sense of peace and carried on I stopped ffor a walk light when all of a sudden I saw a flock of sparrows we were both startled then The Lord put a scripture in my mind
    Matthew 6 vs 24-34 then I really ad the Peace of Christ within me


    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Wendy. God knows exactly how to speak to us, and He knew that you needed reassurance of His care for you that day. Isn’t He so good to us?

  2. I love that story about the dime. I’ve had similar things happen, which I cannot think of just now, but if I do, I’ll send one in. I enjoyed Wendy’s story, too, about being shown the flock of sparrows.
    Grace, when you first mentioned the dime, I immediately thought about how the March of Dimes began. It began with a dime………and then thousands (or more) of dimes, to begin one of the greatest of all “helps” associations in the world (for a time, at least). I believe that Jesus did put that dime there for you.

  3. I totally agree with you Grace!

    Last Friday (3 days ago) I came home after a long day of running errands and doing things for my aged parents and others. I was tired and totally drained as this capped a week of doing the same things, all of which had left me feeling depleted. I wearily carried my parent’s garbage and recyclables home to my house from their house and after opening the door and entering my house I realized the car remote was missing the half with the buttons on it. I could not lock my car remotely now! This was the last straw and I felt really weepy and overwhelmed. I began to stress that I would have to retrace all my steps for the day. I cried out to God…I can’t handle this God, it is too much for me! Please help me find this part, it is not lost to you. First, God calmed my spirit and helped me realize that I had used the fob to open the door to get in the car and drive home…that helped a lot! I searched under the doorstep, in the driveway, in the front hallway, in my pockets, all through my car and then drove back to the last stop to check the parking place there. Finally I just let it go. When my husband came home an hour later I told him the story. He searched all the same places in great detail. Finally we went into the garage and he dumped out the bag of paper recycling I brought home from my parent’s house…there was the missing part!!! Somehow it had dislodged and fallen in the bag. I thanked God again as he did know where it was all along. My husband said God used him to find it as he is an expert at losing things so he is a good one to help find things. God definitely cares about the details!

  4. Yes, I believe Jesus put that dime there for me, too. I pretty much turned my wallet inside out before I prayed, and I didn’t see it there until I asked Him to provide me with it.

    I’ll look forward to reading your story when you send it.

  5. I learned that God cares about the number of hairs on our heads and it’s colour too! When I went to my hairdresser for a touch up she checked her cupboard and said she was sorry but she didn’t have my colour. I prayed a quick prayer. She put on her coat and went a few stores over to a Beautician Supply place. She came back and said, ‘Wow, I went to the shelf and they only had one box left of your colour.’ I smiled at her and sent a quick prayer of thanks to my Great God who cares about the number of hairs on my head and their colour too!
    I too enjoy seeing God’s hand at work in the little details of our days. I have a good friend that I call to share my “God moments” with!

  6. I smiled when I read your encouraging story. I too had a rather unspiritual prayer sent up a few days ago. I live with an unbelieving husband and adult son. This particular day I had quite a lot of urgent computer work to be done by mid morning. I had risen early and after my quiet time I went to my computer to turn it on. It refused to operate. I switched it off, then rebooted it. Still, nothing worked. My husband came in to try and help and once again, it refused….he too, rebooted the annoying machine. I was getting pretty desperate by this time! My husband said he couldn’t think what was wrong with it and walked away defeated! So I lay my hands on the computer and prayed…had the cheek to remind Jesus that He told us to lay hands on the sick and they will recover…..and you guessed it! It sparked up and worked for the rest of the time I needed it. All I can say is….thank you Lord…AND… My husband was really impressed by my answered prayer.

    1. Chris, thank you for telling your story. It made me smile because I, too, have laid hands on my computer and prayed for its “restoration.” 🙂 And Jesus answered. He cares, He cares!

  7. I needed this message today. It’s a great reminder that God does care about the details of my life and that God even wants us to pray for the things in life that we think are too little. He cares about everything. You truly ministered to my heart with this great reminder. Love the story.

  8. Thanks, Lisa. I’m learning to pray about everything. (Hmmm..sounds familiar. Must be a Bible verse about that somewhere). And I see Jesus answer time and time again. Sheer delight.

  9. Thanks for the reminder Grace I know God cares about the little details, I talk to Him throughout the day and He answers the little things as well as the big. I have a friend who was diagnosed the end of November with stage 4 lung and brain cancer, she is in hospice at hospital and I was looking for something to send her to encourage her and couldn’t find anything so I prayed about it and within an hour I got an email from someone who I hadn’t heard from for over a year with the exact thing I needed to send to her ? she said it was the right message at the right time. .. of course because God orchestrated it. She and her husband are strong Christians but it’s a difficult journey because they both lost their first spouses to brain cancer. She may have 2 months left on this earth but is looking forward to heaven.
    As for dimes since I started saving every dime all year for the crisis pregnancy center baby bottle campaign I keep finding dimes everywhere, I believe that’s a God thing too.
    Bless you for your faithfulness Grace

    1. Thanks for telling your story, Debbie. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend but thankful she knows Jesus. May God continue to give you wisdom and creativity in sharing His love with her in the weeks ahead.

  10. I love these encouraging and exciting stories! Leading up to Christmas, I had done some shopping and then rather last minute, while in Walmart, I suddenly remembered a gift one of my grandchildren wanted. It was something with small parts that puts together a little store. I had forgotten the name of it, and at this space in time, I doubted there would even be any left……..except for Jesus. As I made a sharp turn with my cart, heading toward the toy section, I prayed, “Oh, God, only you can make one of those things available to me today, and I can’t even remember the name of it.” I said, “Thank-you, Father, for considering my grandchild, and for considering my situation.” You can make this happen. Turning into the toy section, would you believe right in plain sight on the end shelfing of one aisle just before the toys, was THAT Very Toy Set!!!! Inwardly I was ready to explode like fireworks, and I said, What? Thank-you, Lord. I checked it over, and sure enough, it was the very thing she asked for. It was amazing. I thanked Jesus over and over as I travelled further into the aisle which would display these toy sets. It was completely empty!!!!! The little display tags had the name on the shelf, but it was cleaned out! I was elated! What a faithful God. What a faithful God! I do believe that He put that one there for me that day!

  11. Yes, Grace. I did tell my grandchild…..and others who were in the house. I told our whole family and they indeed were impressed by faith and what Jesus did. They believed.

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