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Why Our Thoughts About God Matter

  Have you noticed how your thoughts about God play a vital role in your perspective and response toward stuff that happens in life? I’ve seen this prove true time and time again. Here’s a simple, current example.   Where I live, winter is marked by overcast skies and rain. It’s already upon us. The… [ read more ]

The Relationship Between Our Thought Life and Core Spiritual Strength

Saturday held a special treat for me. I was invited to speak at a women’s wellness conference at Campbell River Baptist Church. What fun to see nearly 100 familiar faces, girlfriends from years past. Lots of hugs! I’d been asked to address the topic of spiritual health, and so I shared some thoughts about the… [ read more ]


Someone once defined integrity as “who you are when no one’s watching.” It means being honest through-and-through even when there’s no one to impress and nothing to gain. Wouldn’t it be great if the world’s population was comprised of men and women of integrity? Job was such a man. In Job 1 and 2, we… [ read more ]