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What the World Needs Now

Years ago, a lilting tune said that the world needed love, sweet love. The writer said love was the only thing of which there was too little. A simple tune, it was, but its simplicity carried a powerful message.   Truth be told, I’ve been so busy writing the new book that I was going… [ read more ]

Need Life Change? Jesus Christ Can Make That Happen

  I returned last night from a two-week trip to Eastern Europe. What a wonderful opportunity to see God at work in so many places!   During my travels, I spent two days at a care home for abandoned/abused women with children. I also spent time at a ministry that serves children/youth struggling with life-threatening… [ read more ]

“Just”—How This Word Limits God’s Power in Our Lives

  I find it amazing how the word “just” can seriously limit God’s power in our lives. A story found in Mark 6 shows how this happens.   “Jesus left that part of the country and returned with his disciples to Nazareth, his hometown. The next Sabbath he began teaching in the synagogue, and many… [ read more ]

How to Have Your Heart’s Desire Satisfied

You’re probably familiar with Psalm 37:4 – “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desire.” This verse has been a personal favorite for years. I thought I understood it, but I gained a fresh insight recently upon learning the true meaning of the word delight. In this verse, the Hebrew… [ read more ]

Who’s Really the Greatest?

I recently met someone whose ministry and reputation I’d admired long-distance for years. Circumstances surrounding our meeting, however, shattered that admiration. When things didn’t go as she’d planned, this esteemed leader inappropriately placed blame and verbally filleted those who tried to assist her, myself included. The episode stunned me and left me feeling physically ill… [ read more ]

What Does It Mean That God Pursues Us?

  An interesting question came up recently in our small group: “What do you perceive God to be like?”   Varied answers followed: “He’s a provider.” “He feels distant.” “He’s faithful.” “He’s loving.”   Then came this response: “He’s a God who pursues us.” While other world religions leave mankind believing we must pursue God… [ read more ]

Where Does Our Strength Lie?

For by the power of the eternal Spirit, Christ offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. (Hebrews 9:14)   Life’s harsh sometimes.   Within one week I’d received five emails that left my head spinning: A husband and father took his own life after a 20-year battle with depression—12 days before… [ read more ]

What does Revival Look Like?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of revival. It left me awestruck. It rendered me speechless. It filled with me with wonder and a craving for more of God. It happened at a women’s retreat. The theme was “Fearless and Free.” The sessions addressed several rampant fears: the fears of the storms of life, of inadequacy,… [ read more ]

Soul Connection in a Roma Church

On Monday I wrote that women have an amazing ability to make soul connections quickly. I saw this happen not only once, but twice while in Slovakia. The first was with the woman who’d read Moving from Fear to Freedom and found it helpful as she walked through a tragic situation. The second was with… [ read more ]

What does Your Cross Mean?

Meet my good friend and guest blogger, Kathleen Gibson. Her weekly faith and life newspaper column, Sunny Side Up, is available online at . She is the author of West Nile Diary, One Couple’s Triumph Over a Deadly Disease, and Practice by Practice, the Art of Everyday Faith. ***** I spent a few pleasurable… [ read more ]