Surrounded by God’s Presence

Surrounded by God’s Presence - Grace Fox

When I feel afraid or under spiritual attack, I imagine myself encircled by an impenetrable shield. It covers and keeps me from dangers on every side.

You, my friend, are surrounded by God’s presence. Some days, your thoughts might tell you otherwise, but don’t believe them.

Instead, hold onto the promise found in Psalm 125:2:

”Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, both now and forever.”

The Cambridge English dictionary defines surround as “to be everywhere around something.” Isn’t that beautiful as it relates to the Christian life? The Lord surrounds His people both now and forever. He is everywhere around us at all times.

The thought of being surrounded by God’s presence calms my fears for today and my worries about tomorrow. When I feel afraid or under spiritual attack, I imagine myself encircled by an impenetrable shield. It covers and keeps me from dangers above and below and on every side. I am safe in that place. Nothing touches me there without my Protector giving it the go-ahead.

What about suffering?

When suffering enters that space within the shield, does it mean Psalm 125:2 is no longer true?

No. The promise remains true, but it assumes another form: When we suffer, God surrounds us with compassion and strength. If injustice touches us, God surrounds us with assurance that He is our Defender and will someday set everything right. When unfair criticism touches us, God surrounds us with wisdom and with compassion for the person who levied the criticism.

The reality of being surrounded by God also helps me pray with greater confidence and expectation. For instance, when Sailor-Man and I face major decisions, we ask God to surround us with His protection lest we head a direction contrary to His.

When I pray for my kids and grandkids, I ask God to surround them with His lovingkindness.

When I pray for you, my readers, I ask God to surround you with His compassion and tangible evidences of His presence with you.

This has been a most difficult year in many ways, and I’ve breathed countless personal sentence prayers using surround:

  • “Father, surround me with Your wisdom.”
  • “God, surround me with hope.”
  • “Lord, surround me with protection from the evil one.”

Praying the truth of Psalm 125:2 floods me with peace.

How about you?

What are you facing today? Stand on the truth of God’s Word and pray:

“God, surround me with Your _______.”

Know you are loved,


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