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Hurting? Afraid? Take Heart–God Knows Where You Are

  I’ve felt as though I’ve been under a spiritual siege since July. Interestingly, it all started when I began preparing material to teach at our missionary training centre in the Middle East. (I’m limited in what I can say here, but I ask for your prayers for this trip September 28-October 9).   Throughout… [ read more ]

A Life-Changing Lesson Learned Through a Child

Little people teach me much about spiritual truths. Here’s one example: On a recent outing, my two-year-old grandson Micah grew frightened by a wasp that hovered too close. He ran to me and climbed into my lap. I wrapped my arms around him, and he clung to me. There he felt safe because he knew… [ read more ]

Why Handling Hurts Alone Isn’t the Best Idea

Earlier this week my six-year-old grandson Luke  said, “Grandma, I have an infected finger.” Then he turned one hand palm up to show me. Sure enough, the joint area of his middle finger was puffy and purplish.   “Ouch!” I said. “How did that happen?”   “A stick poked me and made a little hole,”… [ read more ]

I'm a Winner!

Wanna know what really excites me? Having the confidence that victory is mine no matter what. As a child of God, nothing—absolutely nothing—can wrestle me to the ground and keep me down.   I’m not claiming to have a problem-free life. I face ups and downs like everyone else on the planet. Discouragement hits me… [ read more ]

What is God Like?

If someone asked you to write a paragraph describing God’s character, what would you write? Here’s what the Psalmist penned: “Your unfailing love will last forever. Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens…All heaven will praise your great wonders, LORD; myriads of angels will praise you for your faithfulness. For who in all of… [ read more ]

Losing One's Footing

Have you ever felt yourself emotionally, mentally or spiritually slip into a negative space? Have you ever experienced a loss of perspective that resulted in discouragement or despair? I have. Quite honestly, many writers often struggle with this. We spend hours in solitary confinement writing a message we believe could give direction, bring hope or… [ read more ]

Dealing with Discouragement

What do you do when you feel discouraged? (a)   Devour a bowlful (nay, a gallon) of your favorite ice cream (b)  Take a long walk (c)   Unload on a friend (d)  Crank up your favorite praise and worship music (e)   Take a nap (f)   All of the above (g)  None of the above Our means… [ read more ]

Created to Serve Him

I spent the weekend in Alberta with an amazing group of women from the Airdrie Alliance Church. The weekend’s theme was Born to S.H.O.P. (Serve Him on Purpose), and what a fun theme that was! Here are a couple of highlights from the sessions: If we want to S.H.O.P effectively, we must be others-focused. In… [ read more ]

Feeling Feeble?

Several times a week I walk around a local park for exercise. I love the community atmosphere – I see young moms pushing strollers, teens on rollerblades, joggers of all ages, seniors in electric scooters, and people with special needs. On occasion I see elderly folks moving along, slowly but surely, while leaning on their… [ read more ]

Wait on the Lord

Saturday – March 14  I’m in Everett, Washington as I write this. It’s only 7:15 a.m., so morning is just beginning to break outside. The group for which I’m speaking this weekend made reservations for me in a hotel overlooking a marina. The empty berths are waiting expectantly for summer sailboats to drift in and… [ read more ]