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When We Need Immediate Spiritual Help

when we need immediate spiritual help

Every time my husband and I go sailing, we hear radio calls from boaters in distress. A vessel’s engine fails, and the boat drifts toward a rocky shoreline. A kayaker tips over, and the current carries him away. A fire breaks out onboard, and all occupants must abandon ship. Whatever the problem, these folks are… [ read more ]

Celebrating the Light at Christmas

It happened every year at this time when our kids were still living at home. We’d pull our fake tree from its box, assemble it branch by branch, and prop it in its stand. Next, we’d untangle several strands of teeny colored lights and plug them into a nearby socket. That’s when the fun began…. [ read more ]

Two Batches of Buns and the Holy Spirit

  This week I thought I’d bake rolls as a homespun gift for my sister. I followed the recipe exactly, or so I thought. Imagine my dismay when the buns refused to rise. I baked them anyway, secretly hoping something magic might happen in the oven, but alas, my hopes were dashed. They turned out… [ read more ]

Living from the Truth that Jesus Lives in You

A spiritual truth that’s becoming ever more real and exciting to me is this: Jesus Christ is a person. He’s not an invisible force out there somewhere in the cosmic universe. He’s the greatest history-maker who ever walked the earth. He lived and died and rose again, and hundreds of eye-witnesses testify to this fact…. [ read more ]

How to Speak Words You Won’t Regret

  The tongue can be nasty. We use it to interrupt conversations, spew sarcasm, spread gossip, break promises, tell lies, complain, criticize, and more. Simply writing that list makes me feel like I need a bar of soap for an old-fashioned mouth washing.   On the flipside, however, the tongue can do tremendous good. We… [ read more ]

Where Does Our Strength Lie?

Life is harsh sometimes.   Within one week I’d received five emails that left my head spinning: A husband and father took his own life after a 20-year battle with depression—12 days before his sister’s wedding. A young man left his wife and two wee children. A woman struggling with chronic pain hit a life-or-death… [ read more ]

The Supernatural Life

Simeon was an old fellow living in Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s birth. Scripture describes him as “righteous” and “devout,” eagerly awaiting the Messiah’s arrival. It also says that the Holy Spirit was upon him. That, it seems, was the key to his living a supernatural life. Simeon was so filled and controlled by… [ read more ]