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Marionetta and Her Five Strings

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32 NASB)   Author Calvin Miller penned a poem about a puppet named Marionetta. Each night after her performance, Marionetta hung in the dark, suspended by her five strings. She cried softly, wishing for the light and dreaming of the freedom… [ read more ]

31 Days of Promises, Praises and Prayers — Day 3

Enjoy the 31 Days of Promises, Praises, and Prayers — my gift to you while we count down the days until “Morning Moments with God: Devotions for the Busy Woman” releases on New Year’s Day.

Remembrance Day Reflection

Do we take our country’s freedom for granted? Do we take our spiritual freedom for granted, too?

Friendship Friday — Interview with author Jocelyn Green

Meet my friend and fellow author, Jocelyn Green. We’ve never met in person but we’ve emailed frequently having found common ground as contributors for Power for Living.  Jocelyn is an award-winning author and freelance writer. A former military wife, she authored, along with contributing writers, Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives and Faith Deployed… [ read more ]


I wish you could have heard the women sing at this weekend’s retreat: “I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you, I am free!” Their voices, filled with enthusiasm, nearly lifted the roof. And their actions tickled me from the inside out. Someone in the front… [ read more ]

Want Freedom?

My first brush with Psalm 119 came when I attended Pioneer Girls club ‘way back in elementary school. The theme verse was “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (v. 105). We recited it every week, and it’s remained in my memory bank ever since. Psalm 119 has… [ read more ]

Doing Life According to Our Own Ideas

Speaking at women’s retreats gives me many opportunities to hear heart-breaking stories. Some gals tell me about being abandoned by their husbands. Some admit, with great remorse, to having an affair or choosing to abort their child. Some have suffered physical or sexual abuse. There’s no end to the list of hurts they suffer. Sometimes… [ read more ]

My Forgetfulness…and God's Faithfulness

Forgive me for not blogging on Friday. I could say it was because H1N1 flattened me, or that aliens abducted me, or that my computer crashed…but I’d be lying. Nothing so dramatic or traumatic happened. Believe it or not, I simply forgot. What happened? I think the explanation is an easy one. It’s a combo… [ read more ]

Rest versus Religious Tradition

Iwona (pronounced ee-vo-nah) is a Polish friend who lives in Krakow, Poland. She just emailed to say she’d spent yesterday afternoon passing out Bibles and tracts at a cemetery gate. That might sound a little odd if you’re not familiar with Eastern European religious tradition, so I’ll explain. In Poland, Catholics celebrate All Saint’s Day… [ read more ]