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Spiritual Disciplines—What’s the Point?

  So my husband and I have resolved to get fit and stay that way. Between you and me, I wish we could accomplish that goal without having to carve time in our schedule to exercise and without having to eliminate a few favorite goodies from our diet – ie: homemade cinnamon rolls. But alas,… [ read more ]

3 Things to Remember About Honest Conversations With God

  Abram knew how to have honest conversations with God. On one occasion, God promised to protect him and give him a great reward. One might think Abram would’ve responded with a polite and enthusiastic thank-you. But he did not.   Abram replied, “O Sovereign LORD, what good are all your blessings when I don’t… [ read more ]

How Shall We Respond to Paris Events?

  As I write this, the sun’s playing peek-a-boo through the trees in our yard. It sneaks past limbs, branches and leaves and silently streams through windows and blinds. It’s a welcome sight after a week of grey, wind, and rain. But today it’s so much more than that.   To me, the sunshine signifies… [ read more ]

How I Know God is Near

Several days ago my husband and I decided to spend an afternoon hiking. We were still recovering from jetlag, and we felt we’d benefit by setting aside ministry and office work for a few hours in lieu of fresh air and exercise. We packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and drove a half hour… [ read more ]

How We Unwittingly Boss God

“Please, God—my daughter needs a job. Give her a job within her area of training, and do it this week. “   I sealed my request with a hearty “thank you in advance” and a holy amen. And then the thought occurred to me, What if God is doing something new in my daughter’s life… [ read more ]

Finding Hope When Facing a Need

How many of you have ever faced a need? I’m talking about a need for concrete things such as financial resources, housing, winter jackets or school supplies for your kids, and transportation. I’m also talking about abstract things such as wisdom, creativity, and peace.   I mention the specifics above because I’ve experienced all of… [ read more ]

When Prayer Isn’t Enough

  Some folks might think today’s title is sacrilegious. Let me assure you, it’s not intended that way. Read to the end and you’ll see where I’m going with this.   I can’t count how many times people have told me about their desire to change in a specific way. Or told me about a… [ read more ]

Why Pray?  

  Prayer is an incredible privilege. Imagine the King of the universe inviting us into one-on-one conversation with Him. The thought boggles my mind. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget the enormity of this privilege and relegate it to the back burner. Family responsibilities consume us. Work commitments and deadlines overrun us. Apathy distracts us.   It’s… [ read more ]

Why Handling Hurts Alone Isn’t the Best Idea

Earlier this week my six-year-old grandson Luke  said, “Grandma, I have an infected finger.” Then he turned one hand palm up to show me. Sure enough, the joint area of his middle finger was puffy and purplish.   “Ouch!” I said. “How did that happen?”   “A stick poked me and made a little hole,”… [ read more ]

A Prayer to Shut Out the Devil

  Sunshine blazed through my bathroom window today and revealed a layer of dust on the countertop. I’d cleaned that surface only a couple of days ago, but you’d never know it. Why? Because I’d left the window ajar—albeit only a few inches—on the weekend, and it provided an open invitation for the wind to… [ read more ]